City Ordinances

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Part 1. Enacting Ordinance and General Provisions

Part 2. Council

Part 3. Municipal Management

Part 4. Health and Welfare

Part 5. Garbage and Rubbish

Part 6. Nuisances and Offenses

Part 7. Liquor and Beer

Part 8. Licensing Certain Occupations and Games

Part 9. Franchises

Part 10. Sewer and Water

Part 11. Streets and Sidewalks

Part 12. Traffic and Parking

Part 13. Public Safety, Morals and Welfare

Part 14. Animals

Part 15. Curfew

Part 16. Nursing Homes

Part 17. Building and Land Use Regulations

Part 18. Fire Prevention

Part 19. Abandoned Property

Part 20. Deferred Special Assessments

Part 21. Enjoyment of Public Parks

Part 22. Wireless Communication Antennae

Part 23. Annexation